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InBody 380 Body Composition Analyser - Heracles Wellness
InBody 380 Body Composition Analyser - Heracles Wellness
InBody 380 Body Composition Analyser - Heracles Wellness
InBody 380 Body Composition Analyser - Heracles Wellness
InBody 380 Body Composition Analyser - Heracles Wellness
InBody 380 Body Composition Analyser - Heracles Wellness
InBody 380 Body Composition Analyser - Heracles Wellness
InBody 380 Body Composition Analyser - Heracles Wellness
InBody 380 Body Composition Analyser - Heracles Wellness
InBody 380 Body Composition Analyser - Heracles Wellness
InBody 380 Body Composition Analyser - Heracles Wellness
InBody 380 Body Composition Analyser - Heracles Wellness

InBody 380 Body Composition Analyser


30 Second Tests

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The InBody 380 Body Composition Analyser is a cutting-edge device designed to provide a comprehensive analysis of your body composition. Perfect for both professional and personal use, this analyser delivers precise, reliable, and quick results, making it an essential tool for health and fitness management.

High Accuracy and Reproducibility

Advanced Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA)

The InBody 380 utilises advanced Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology to measure body composition. Unlike traditional methods, InBody does not rely on empirical estimations, ensuring that measurements are highly accurate and reflective of actual body composition.

8-Point Tactile Electrode System

Featuring an 8-Point Tactile Electrode System with Thumb Electrodes, the InBody 380 ensures consistent and reproducible results. Measurements start at the same points on the body each time, providing reliability and accuracy in every analysis.

Comprehensive Body Composition Analysis

Segmental Analysis

The InBody 380 performs direct segmental measurements, analysing muscle mass and fat distribution separately for the arms, legs, and trunk. This detailed analysis helps identify imbalances and tailor fitness programs to specific needs.

Obesity and Sarcopenia Assessments

Assess critical health metrics such as body fat percentage, BMI, and visceral fat levels to manage obesity-related risks. Additionally, evaluate skeletal muscle mass and hand grip strength to detect and address sarcopenia, using the optional InBody Handgrip Dynamometer (InGrip).

Body Water Balance and Cellular Health

Monitor your body’s water balance and overall health with parameters like the Whole Body ECW Ratio and Phase Angle. These metrics are vital for assessing cellular integrity and physiological function.

Enhanced User Experience

Quick and Efficient Measurements

The InBody 380 provides a full body composition assessment in just 30 seconds. This quick turnaround is perfect for busy clinics, wellness centres, and fitness enthusiasts who need fast and reliable data.

User-Friendly Interface

The device features a 7-inch colour touchscreen display with an intuitive interface, making it easy to operate and interpret results. QR code recognition with mobile devices simplifies data entry and management.

Portable and Convenient Design

Compact and Foldable

The InBody 380’s foldable structure and compact design facilitate easy transportation and better space utilisation. Whether for mobile use or saving space in your facility, this design ensures convenience without compromising on functionality.

Seamless Data Integration

Integrate the InBody 380 with InBody’s LookinBody software for comprehensive data analysis and management. The device supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and various external interfaces for seamless data transfer and integration.

Measurement Time and Range

  • Measurement Time: Approximately 30 seconds
  • Age Range: Suitable for users aged 3 years and older
  • Weight Range: Measures from 5 to 300 kg
  • Height Range: Measures from 95 to 220 cm

Connectivity and Storage

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Serial (RS-232C), USB (HOST), and LAN (10/100T)
  • Data Storage: Saves up to 100,000 measurements, ensuring ample storage for repeated use

Why Choose InBody 380?

Unmatched Accuracy

With over 98% correlation to DEXA, the gold-standard in body composition analysis, the InBody 380 offers unmatched accuracy, making it a reliable choice for detailed health assessments.

Enhanced Health Insights

From muscle-fat analysis to body composition history, the InBody 380 provides comprehensive parameters for professionals and individuals seeking to monitor and improve their health.

Convenience and Efficiency

Its portable design, quick measurement time, and user-friendly features make the InBody 380 a convenient and efficient tool for diverse settings, from medical facilities to personal use.

Transform your approach to health and fitness with the InBody 380 Body Composition Analyser. Order Now to experience the benefits of advanced body composition analysis and take a proactive step towards better health management!

InBody 380 First Look

How To Test on the InBody 380

InBody 380 Specifications

Specifications Details
Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) Measurement Item Bioelectrical Impedance (Z) - 15 Impedance Measurements by Using 3 Different Frequencies (5kHz, 50kHz, 500kHz) at Each of 5 Segments (Right Arm, Left Arm, Trunk, Right Leg, and Left Leg); 1 Phase Angle Measurement by Using 1 Frequency (50kHz) at Whole Body
Electrode Method Tetrapolar 8-Point Tactile Electrodes
Measurement Method Direct Segmental Multi-Frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (DSM-BIA); Simultaneous Multi-Frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (SMF-BIA)
Body Composition Calculation Method No Empirical Estimation on Measured Values (Age and Gender does not affect the measured values)
Display Type 480 × 800 7-inch Color TFT LCD
Internal Interface Touchscreen, Keypad
External Interface Serial (RS-232C): 2 EA, USB (HOST): 2 EA, LAN (10/100T): 1 EA
Wireless Connection Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Compatible Printer Laser/Inkjet PCL 3 or above SPL
Test Duration About 30 seconds
Weight Range 5~300kg (11.0 - 661.4 lb)
Age Range 3 years and older
Height Range 95~220cm (3 ft 1.40 in ~ 7 ft 2.61 in)
Logo Display Name, Address, and Content Information can be shown on the Results Sheet
Digital Results LCD Screen, LookinBody Web, LookinBody120
Types of Result Sheets InBody Result Sheet, InBody Result Sheet for Children, Thermal Result Sheet
Notification Sounds and Voice Guidance On the progress of the test, saving settings, and inputting information such as personal details
Data Storage Saves up to 100,000 measurements (When ID is entered)
Test Mode Professional Mode and Self Mode
Dimensions (L × W × H) 415.5 (W) × 871.5 (L) × 1069.9 (H) mm (16.3 (W) × 34.3 (L) × 42.1 (H) in)
Equipment Weight 16 kg (35.3 lb)
Applied Rating Current 200 µA (±20 µA)
Adapter Bridgepower (BPM040S12F07) - Power Input: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 1.2A (1.2A-0.6A); Power Output: DC 12V, 3.4A
Mean Well (GSM40A12) - Power Input: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 1.0-0.5A; Power Output: DC 12V, 3.34A
Operation Environment 10 - 40℃ (50 - 104℉), 30 - 75% RH (No Condensation), 70 - 106 kPa
Storage Environment -10 - 70℃ (14 - 158℉), 10 - 80% RH (No Condensation), 50 - 106 kPa

Free Delivery

We are pleased to offer free white glove delivery on all InBody products. They all come with clear assembly instructions, however, if you would like for us to arrange installation this can be done for an extra fee. Please contact us if you would like to add this to your purchase.

As with all products at Heracles Wellness, delivery of InBody products is free to the UK Mainland.

You can expect to receive your InBody analyser with 2 to 4 weeks from the day you place your order.

InBody, whilst proving industry leading products, are proud to be an ISO accredited company. Giving customers security in the knowledge that their products will be A1 quality and meet all of the stringent requirements for ISO accreditation.

As part of that accreditation, all new InBody Professional products come with a 2 year (24 month) manufacturers warranty against
manufacturer defect. Alongside this, InBody UK are so confident in their product and quality, that should a defect be found within 30 days of purchase then they will immediately replacement your device.

As a customer, you can expect the aftersales care to be reflected in our
professionalism. We target ourselves to respond quickly, provide an
immediate plan for resolutions and manage time-scales in the unlikely
event of product failure.

InBody UK are so confident in their product and quality, that they offer immediate device replacement if any defect is found within 30 days of purchase.





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InBody 380 Body Composition Analyser


30 Second Tests

Cloud Software

Accurate Results

FAQ about Inbody

What makes InBody's BIA technology unique?

InBody’s medical-grade body composition analyzers rely on four pillars of technology:

  • 8-Point Tactile Electrode System with Thumb Electrodes
  • Multiple Frequencies for precise body water analysis
  • Direct Segmental Multi-frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (DSM-BIA) for accurate measurements of the entire body
  • No empirical estimations, ensuring results are not affected by age, ethnicity, or gender.
What is Bio-Electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA)?

Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) is a method used by InBody devices to measure body composition. It divides your weight into different components such as lean body mass and fat mass to assess health and nutrition.

How does BIA work?

BIA measures impedance by applying alternating currents on the human body. The more water in your body, the lesser the resistance. Muscle contains water, unlike fat, so the more muscle you have, the more body water you possess, leading to lesser resistance to the electrical current.

What is the significance of Reactance in BIA?

Reactance, also known as capacitive resistance, measures the cell’s ability to store energy. It's an indirect measurement of cellular strength and integrity.

How has BIA technology evolved over the years?

BIA technology has seen significant advancements since its inception. From Hoffer's experiments in 1969 proving the correlation between total body water and biological impedance to the commercialization of the impedance meter in 1979 by RJL Systems. In the 1980s, researchers discovered limitations to BIA and developed empirical equations to increase accuracy. In 1996, Dr. Kichul Cha developed the InBody body composition analyzer, revolutionizing BIA technology.

Why is segmental analysis important in BIA?

Traditional BIA viewed the human body as one cylinder, which led to inaccuracies. Direct Segmental Multi-frequency BIA views the human body as five cylinders (right arm, left arm, torso, right leg, left leg), allowing for more precise measurements.

How does InBody ensure accurate measurements?

InBody uses an 8-Point Tactile Electrode System with Thumb Electrodes to control contact resistance. It also uses multiple frequencies to measure both intracellular and extracellular water. Importantly, InBody devices do not rely on empirical estimations, ensuring that results are based on actual measurements rather than assumptions.

How does InBody compare to other BIA devices?

InBody has become one of the most accurate BIA devices on the market, with a high correlation of 0.99 to DEXA for lean body mass in adults.

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