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Plug and Play Hot Tubs

Explore our collection of 13A Plug and Play hot tubs, designed for the UK. We deliver and install our spas nationwide and. These eco-friendly hot tubs come with advanced Balboa or Gecko controls, renowned for their quality and ease of use. Manufactured in North America, these controls are recognised worldwide.

Simply connect any 13A hot tub to an outdoor socket, and it's ready to use. Enjoy the lower running costs and ample power for relaxation. For best results, we recommend using an MK IP66-rated outdoor socket, available from major electrical retailers.

What is a Plug and Play Hot Tub?

A Plug and Play hot tub is a convenient and cost-effective option designed for easy setup and use. Specifically engineered for the UK market, these hot tubs run on a standard 13A electrical outlet, and come with a plug and 2m cable, eliminating the need for complex electrical work. You can simply plug the hot tub into an outdoor socket, fill it with water, and it's ready for use.



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