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Saunum Spa Session Heater - Heracles Wellness
Saunum Spa Session Heater - Heracles Wellness
Saunum Spa Session Heater - Heracles Wellness
Saunum Spa Session Heater - Heracles Wellness
Saunum Spa Session Heater - Heracles Wellness
Saunum Spa Session Heater - Heracles Wellness
Saunum Spa Session Heater - Heracles Wellness
Saunum Spa Session Heater - Heracles Wellness
Saunum Spa Session Heater - Heracles Wellness
Saunum Spa Session Heater - Heracles Wellness
Saunum Spa Session Heater - Heracles Wellness

Saunum Spa Session Heater

Power6 kW

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Two Year Warranty

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Experience the ultimate relaxation with the award winning Saunum Spa Session Heater, a revolutionary five-in-one sauna heater that transforms your home into a spa oasis. Designed for the whole family, it combines a large stone volume with a unique stone basket solution and a patented air mixing system. This innovative combination ensures a soft, long-lasting, and evenly distributed steam that's gentle on your skin and easy to breathe, making every sauna session a therapeutic delight.

Included in the Set

  • The Heater
  • Climate device
  • Salt Balls (7 pieces)
  • Controller (Inside the heater)
  • Touchscreen Interface 
  • 60kgs of heater stones


Saunum Spa Session sauna heater wins the Golden Wave 2024 award for the most innovative technology. 

Saunum Spa Session Golden Wave Award 2024
Saunum Spa Session Golden Wave Award on heater

Versatile Spa Settings

The Saunum Spa Session Heater offers an unrivalled sauna experience, allowing you to enjoy various spa settings: from a classic Nordic sauna to a salt ion-enriched steam bath, a humid steam-rich sauna, a mild relaxation sauna, or an aromatic sauna. Each setting is designed to cater to your wellness needs, providing health benefits like improved respiratory function and intense relaxation.

Durable and Stylish Design

Crafted with Magnelis® and stainless steel, this timeless, classic heater design is not just a visually appealing addition to your home but also a durable and energy-efficient choice. It boasts a dual-level stone basket for prolonged heat retention and features corrosion-resistant heating elements for long-lasting performance. Plus, with the steam guidance positioner, you can easily control the distribution of steam to your preference.

Customisable Comfort

The Saunum Spa Session Heater is versatile and can be installed alongside a wall or in a corner of the sauna room. It's designed to heat the sauna room to temperatures ranging from 40 to 90 °C while maintaining a balanced climate, offering you a range of experiences from intense heat to a gentle, humid environment.

Enhance your sauna experience with the Leil control unit. This user-friendly interface allows you to easily control the heater and adjust the climate settings, providing a convenient way to customise your sauna sessions.

Embrace the therapeutic benefits of salt therapy with the patented method of enriching the air with salt ions. This feature infuses salt ions from natural salt spheres into the circulating air, reaching your skin and respiratory tract. It's especially beneficial for respiratory conditions, offering decongestant properties and antimicrobial benefits.

Health-Enhancing Features

The Saunum Spa Session Heater also incorporates an aromatherapy system. By mixing sauna essential oil aromas within the steam, it adds an extra layer of sensory pleasure to your sauna experience, making it a healthy alternative to burning aromatic oil on the hot stones.

Specification Detail
Heater Power 6 kW / 9 kW
Sauna Room Size 6–9m³ / 9–12 m³
Temperature Range 40 to 90 °C
Minimum Room Height 1900 mm
Safety Distance Sides: 50 mm, Front: 50 mm, Ceiling: 700 mm
Included Accessories Stone basket, Climate device, Controller
Colour Black
Climate Device Levels 3 speed levels
Dimensions (HxWxD) 1160 x 365 x 490 mm
Net Weight 57 kg
Electrical Requirements 6kW - 13 Amp Supply, 9kW - 32 Amp Supply
Power Cable SiHF 5 x 2.5 mm²
Water Resistance IPX4
Additional Requirements Saunum sauna oil set


    All Saunum heaters take one to two weeks to arrive to the mainland UK. As with all products at Heracles Wellness, delivery is free.


    Installation of Saunum heaters is straight forward. However, we recommend that they are always installed by a qualified electrician, it's better to be safe than sorry.

    The installation manual can be found here.

    • Warranty Coverage: Product free from material and manufacturing defects.
    • Validity: From the date of delivery.

    Warranty Service:

    • In case of defects due to material or assembly quality, we will recommend repair partners will repair or replace the device or its part.
    • Labour and spare parts charges are waived.
    • Saunum decides on component replacement or device exchange.
    • Replaced components become Saunum's property.
    • Consumers retain legal rights against the seller.

    Warranty Conditions:

    • Installation Report: Warranty valid with a completed installation report.
    • Installation: Device must be installed by a qualified electrician per regulations.
    • Private Sauna Use: Warranty for sauna climate device is 2 years.
    • Public Sauna Use: Warranty for sauna climate device is 1 year.


    • Routine maintenance, cleaning, and wear and tear part replacement.
    • Unauthorised device adaptations or modifications.
    • Transport-related risks.
    • Misuse, improper installation, or unauthorised repairs.
    • Damage from accidents, lightning, water, fire, poor ventilation, etc.
    • Faults from non-recommended stones and salt balls.
    • Heaters and salt balls are not covered.

    Warranty Claims:

    • For warranty claims, please contact Heracles Wellness. We will guide you through the process and connect you with the necessary service technicians.

    Important Notes:

    • Sauna climate devices must be connected by a professional electrician.
    • Read and keep the user manual for reference and maintenance guidance.

    14-day return policy

    • Should the goods purchased from not be suitable to you for some reason, you have the right to return the product within 14 days and get a 100% refund.
    • In order to return the product, please send us an email (info@heracleswellness.co.uk) and we will guide you from there.
    • In the event of deterioration of the goods, the buyer shall be liable for the reduction in value if he has used the goods in a manner other than necessary to ascertain their nature, characteristics and functioning. In order to inspect the nature, characteristics and functioning of the products, the buyer may handle and use them only as he is normally allowed to do in the shop.
    • We will refund the sum paid for the returned product to the purchaser’s bank account without delay, but no later than within 14 days from the date we receive a withdrawal application from the purchaser.
    • The return policy does not apply to goods that are not suitable for returning due to health protection or hygiene reasons and if the goods have been opened following delivery.

    The Saunum Spa Session comes in 6kW and 9kW. The 6kW version can be run from a regular 13 Amp supply, but the 9kW version will require a 32 Amp supply.

    We highly recommend consulting with a qualified electrician prior to installing your heater to ensure you have the correct set up.





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    Saunum Spa Session Heater


    Choose From 5 Sauna Modes

    Classic Nordic Sauna

    Temperature 60 °C–100 °C Climate regulating system: speed level 1, valve 25% open

    Humid Steam-Rich Sauna

    Temperature 45 °C–60 °C Climate regulating system: speed level 2 or 3, the valve 100% open

    Mild, Relaxing Sauna

    Temperature 40 °C–55 °C Climate regulating system: speed level 1, the valve at least 25% open

    Sauna With Salt Ions

    Temperature 40 °C–100 °C Climate regulating system: speed level 1, the valve 25% open, salt spheres added to the climate device

    Aromatherapy Sauna

    Temperature 40 °C–90 °C Climate regulating system: speed level 1, the valve 25% open, Replace a salt sphere with an aroma bowl, add some Saunum aroma oil

    The Sauna of the Next Century

    How Does Saunums 5-in-1 Patented Technology Work?

    Saunum’s patented air-blending system traps the scorching steam, that rises under the ceiling of the sauna room, mixes it with cooler air on the floor surface, and directs the soft steam back evenly. This ensures a more even temperature of the steam, and the oxygen-enriched steam makes it easier to breathe. Water can be thrown more often to produce more steam, making the sauna air more humid, and ensuring more intense sweat. With Saunum’s patented method of enriching the air with salt ions, the salt ions from the natural salt spheres added to the sauna climate device are infused into the circulating air to reach the skin and respiratory tract. An even more relaxing sauna experience is created with the help of the aroma system, which mixes sauna oil aromas with the steam. It is a healthy alternative to burning aromatic oil on hot stones.

    Saunum FAQ's

    Can these saunas be delivered flat pack and assembled on site?

    No, all Saunum saunas are delivered fully assembled. This is to ensure the integrity of the structure and to prevent any draughts or openings that could lead to damage.

    Do I need a crane?

    This will depend on the location that you wish to place your sauna. If there is sufficient access, the sauna can be positioned with a fork lift.

    If I do need a crane, can you organise this for me?

    We deliver the sauna to your location free of charge, however, the cost of a crane will vary significantly depending on the site. We advise that you organise your own crane/HIAB with a local contractor. If you wish, we can organise this for you, but it will always be cheaper to organise it yourself.

    Why do the saunas not include a heater in the price?

    There are many different specifications of Saunum heaters that cater for different budgets. Some customers already have a heater and only want the structure.

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